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May 3, 2014


Welcome New Friends and Old,


I am just testing the new search engine code—will upload more info shortly!


I haven’t updated this front page in a long time so I thought I’d better make the time to say “Hello!”.  I recently discovered that a lot of my website fans don’t realize I have a Facebook page where I’ve been putting information and a lot of my Facebook fans don’t realize that I have this website out there!  The Facebook page is easier to update with quick notes and questions and to chat with people.  This website holds over 2,000 pages of data collected over the past 15 years and is accessible to everyone whereas you have to join Facebook to read that material.  Since the entire purpose of Casto Connections is to share information, not too much critical info is going to be put on Facebook but you’ll see more frequent updates of what I’m up to in the research department there.  Make sense?


I recently received a donation of books from Walter Casto to add to our collection of reference materials so if you need a look up, please let me know!  Click here to go to the library page!  I also freshened that page up because the print size I could read a decade ago is not so easy now!  If you have old books lying around and would like to volunteer to do look-ups, please let me know.


Recently, I was contacted regarding our USS Oklahoma page—click here to see that update!


One last little bit of info:  If any of the images appear off-center, try using another browser.  When I see some of the pages, they don’t appear right with Google Chrome but are fine with Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately, with such a large website, it would take a long time to redo all the pages!  Thanks for understanding!


Until Next Time,




This has now become a valuable resource because so many people have left comments!

Text Box: Some tips for using the search engine:

Since almost everyone on here is a Casto, if you’re looking for George Casto, just search for George!  Seaching for “George Casto” limits your results.

Your results will be different if you search for GEORGE or George.

Vague words like “Census” or “Marriage” are not specific enough for good results. Try names, locations, or even years.  A search for 1915, for example, came up with 4 different events that happened to Castos that year.

When all else fails, contact me and have me research my off-line material.   I’ve got almost 30 books with Casto material in them and subscriptions to several online services so I really should be able to find SOMETHING on your line.

Also—VERY IMPORTANT—This search engine does NOT look at names in my online database.  You must go directly to that page to see who is in there.
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