Research on the Bert Casto Family:


In looking at the 1940 Census, I found a Bert Casto that lived right here in Cincinnati where I am now.  So I was curious as to which line he belonged to, what happened to him and his descendants, and whatever else I could find about him  It couldn’t be too hard, right?  After all, how many Bert Castos were there?  ;)


1940 Census:    Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH

                          Casto,   Bert                   72         head

                                       Amelia               62         wife

                                       Paul                   22         son

                          Gulley,             Natalie               25         daughter


1930 Census:    Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH

                          Casto,   Bert                   64         head

                                       Amelia               59         wife

                                       William                         27         son

                                       Ada                    19         daughter

                                       George               13         son

                                       Paul                   11         son


1920 Census:    Salisbury, Meigs Co., OH

                          Casto,   Bert                   52         head

                                       Amelia               48         wife

                                       Earl                    20         son

                                       William                         19         son

                                       Louise               11         daughter

                                       Ada                    10         daughter

                                       Natalie J.          8           daughter

                                       George R.         6           son

                                       Paul D.                          3 1/12   son


1910 Census:    Salisbury, Meigs Co., OH

                          Casto,   Bert                   37         head

                                       Amelia               31         wife

                                       Goldia               10         daughter

                                       Earl                    9          son

                                       William            8           son

                                       Mabel                7           son

                                       Stella L.                         1/12      daughter


1900 Census:    Pomeroy, Meigs Co., OH

                          Casto,   Burton C.          26         Sept., 1873       married 4 years

                                       Amelia J.          21         Apr., 1879        2 ch/1 living

                                       Goldie D.          1           June, 1898        daughter

                          Thompson, Eliza                       66         August, 1833    mother-in-law


1880 Census:    Jackson Co., WV

                          Casto,   Solomon           47

                                       Martha               46

                                       John M.                         21

                                       Wm. E.                          20

                                       Sarah W.          13

                                       Sherman                        15

                                       Burton               9


Here is where the real questions began:  How can I be sure the Burton on the 1880 census was the right one?  I need to find some connecting evidence.

In situations like this, looking at the certificates and records on the WV Culture website is often useful.  Also, death records in Ohio sometimes list parents. 

Plus I have a whole stack of books on marriages and births in WV.


1. WV Cultural Site:  no marriages or births that appear to tie in

2. None of the Jackson or Upshur County, WV books had any listings for this couple

3. I did find births for Burton Doyle Casto (b. 8-23-1936 son of Arden and Pearl (Painter) Casto and Burton O. Casto (b. 3-8-1919 son of Leonard O. and Freda Goldie (Skeen) Casto).



Find-a-Grave did have tombstone pictures:

Bert Casto 1866-1948    (joint stone)  Amelia Casto (1876-1955) buried in Vine Street Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

Other Castos in the cemetery included son, William J. “Abe” Casto (1901-1968), Jeannette A. (1910-1983), and Jeannette E. (1931-1986) 

There was more information about this family provided by a great-nephew of William—William Hammann. 

Mr. Hammann lists dates as 1866-Dec. 18, 1948 for Bert and April 23, 1876-Dec. 17, 1955 for Amelia.

He lists Bert’s parents as Solomon Casto and Martha Church and Amelia’s parents as Abraham Thompson and Eliza Jane Thompson.


The Ohio Death Records Index goes from 1908-1932, 1938-1944, & 1958-2007 so it would not be helpful for Bert or Amelia but it may provide clues if I researched their children.  I searched for Castos in Hamilton Co., Ohio:

1. Oley O. Casto         1884                  Dec. 25, 1964

2. Earl L. Casto        1901                  Oct. 29, 1971

3. William J. Casto   1902                  Mar. 30, 1968

4. Alma L. Casto        June 1 1916      Jan. 18, 1989

5. George Casto        1916                  July 13, 1972

6. James F. Casto       Mar. 6, 1917     Jan 1., 2004

7. Paul D. Casto        1918                  Dec. 20, 1972*

8. Lula M. Casto        1926                  Feb. 28, 1982


*Ohio Births and Christenings Index, 1800-1962 listed  the following children of Burt and Amelia (Thompson) Casto, all born in Pomeroy, Meigs Co., OH:

· B. Goldie Casto, June 16, 1898

· Earl Legrand Casto, Nov. 4, 1900

· William J. Casto, Sep. 14, 1902

· Mabel Casto,  Feb. 25, 1904


Obituary found for Mrs. Goldie Near, died March 13, 1954, daughter of Bert and Amelia Thompson Casto, wife of Paul Near, mother of William B. Near, 2 daughters, Mrs. Richard Wietelmann and Mrs. Bernard Hawkhurst, four brothers: Earl, William, George, and Paul, all of Cincinnati, and four sisters: Mrs. Mabel Gregory, Mrs. Stella Louise Brown, Mrs. Ada Dant, and Mrs. Natalie Gulley, all of Cincinnati.  Burial in Greenwood Cemetery.  [Findagrave tombstone photo: Paul G. Near 1898-1973, Goldie B. his wife 1898-1954; Charles Robert, their son, 1921-1928, and Wm. Hermont his father 1871-1949]