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Many new Casto descendents and researchers have found this site lately and to those folks, I extend another WELCOME!† This site is run by one person, Danita Smith (thatís me!), a Casto descendent and publisher of a family genealogy newsletter, Casto Connections.† The whole idea is to open communications between people researching the same lines.† My own personal belief is that MOST of the Castos in America are descended from William Casto (various spellings) and his wife, Elizabeth Abbott of New Jersey, circa early 1700ís.† If youíre a WV descendent, youíre probably descended from their son, David.† If youíre from other parts of the U.S., you could be descended from their other son, William.


There is over 600 pages of information on this site, mostly dealing with WV Castos.† I havenít had the time to put some of my latest research on here but for the past year Iíve been researching Castos from just about every state except WV.† I also have quite a bit on Williamís descendents so if you donít find whomever youíre seeking, just drop me a line.

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