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Dec. 6, 2008

Recent Items of Note:


An update to the DNA project has been submitted by Walter Casto.  You can see that here.


Capt. Mark Casto & the Schooner “Alberta”.  You can now find that story here.


Debi Sanders research materials can be found here.  I have just started adding this material and the links and pictures are not uploaded yet but it’s a start (16 pages)!


I have sold out of the new Casto book (The Combined Casto Collection of David Leroy Casto & James H. Casto) but will order more when I receive enough advance orders.  It will be too late for Christmas unfortunately but after the first of the year I will be contacting some libraries and genealogical groups to see if they would like some.  CD VERSIONS WITH PDF FILES ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR $5.


Now something that is very important to me:  Tomorrow is the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Two Casto brothers were killed that day, along with 427 others while serving on the USS Oklahoma.  I have a page dedicated to these brave men and those who served with them.  My research into these brothers led me to survivors from that ship who have provided me with pictures and information to share with you.  Major Van Harl (USAF Ret.) wrote a poem entitled, “The USS Oklahoma Veteran” which I think everyone should read and think about.  Today, we here in the United States enjoy more freedoms and liberties than any other country on the planet and it is because of men like Charles & Richard Casto, Paul Goodyear, Albert Stone, Roscoe Smith, and Van Harl who were willing to risk everything to protect their country and their families.  God Bless them All and God Bless the United States of America!

October, 2008

I cannot believe how time just flies by!  One minute it was spring and now it’s fall and where did the summer go???  After many years of being a stay-at-home Mom and housewife, I got back into the workforce and for the past year, I’ve been working a regular job for 45+ hours a week.  I feel like I get so much less accomplished now!   My husband says it’s because I’m spending so much less time doing the things I love (like genealogy and photography) and I guess he’s right.  This poor website has certainly suffered from the lack of attention but I still try!


Latest News:  an update to the DNA project has been submitted by Walter Casto.  You can see that here.


Also, I recently purchased this original 1906 postcard on Ebay:



















In looking through my website, I couldn’t find where I had ever written about Capt. Mark Casto and the brave crew of the Schooner “Alberta”.  I had done a lot of research on him but I recently found a 2008 article in an newsletter of the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.   You can now find that story here.


In other items of note:  Debi Sanders, who has worked on Casto genealogy for many years and has been a great collaborator and contributor on some of my own research on the Castos, recently wrote me to say that AOL was closing down their Hometown web service where she has hosted her website and that she would not be moving it to another site.  However, she did give me permission to download whatever I wished and incorporate it on this site.  I was able to capture her entire site (!) and will be working it in to this site over time (with proper credit given, of course!).  Debi’s hard work and research was too wonderful to be lost so I’ll be sure to get it uploaded again as soon as possible.


Last but not least:  I have sold out of the new Casto book (The Combined Casto Collection of David Leroy Casto & James H. Casto) but will order more in time for Christmas if I receive enough advance orders.  Let me know soon—Christmas is less than 2 months away!

Sept. 1, 2008

Hello to all my old friends and my new ones, too!


It has been an exciting few months with the release of the new Casto book (still available for purchase—click here) but now it’s time to get back to the work of our genealogy research.  I am currently corresponding with new researchers in England, North Carolina, Washington (state), New Jersey, Oregon, and, of course, West Virginia.  A typical evening will include coming home from work, having dinner, doing two hours of correspondence, and then another hour or two of working on my database. 


Friends, I hate to admit but I really messed up my database.  Not to the point of not being fixable but I was trying so hard to combine all my data into one place and I thought the new software could handle the duplications—it could not!  I will either get it fixed or go back to the original data but I’ll have a working version soon to upload.  There’s a lesson here—even very experienced researchers can make mistakes!  My main reason for the combination of the databases was to add more info to the website with some of the other major families I work on—YOUNG, STECH, BAILEY, SMITH (that line still makes me shudder!).  I help a lot of people with lines other than Casto so don’t even hesitate to drop me a line if you hit a brick wall on any of your lines—always glad to help.


On the home front, the kids are getting ready to go back to school—when I started Casto Connections, Bonnie was in kindergarten and Alex had just turned 4.  This year, Bonnie is a high school senior and Alex is a freshman!  They have grown up with Casto and genealogy and are quite the little (ok, not so little) researchers themselves.  Alex decided he would solve where the Castos came from and surprise, surprise, found a website that would sell him a coat of arms saying we were from Spain!  The poor kid wants an ancestry a lot more exciting than my mostly British roots and he’s stuck with the exciting last name of SMITH to boot!  I warned him away from websites that will SELL you your family tree based on a surname—if it was that easy, we’d have nothing left to research!


I’m going to tinker around with the website now and look for the areas which need the most improvements.  I just noticed a lot of my info is missing from my Castos Across America—starting with that today (Mason Co. WV records)

March 8, 2008

OK, I am so tired of SNOW!  As I sit here during a blizzard in March (!), I decided since I can’t go anywhere I might as well turn my attention back to my website and genealogy research.  Thank goodness for the internet—I bet our pioneer ancestors would have loved to have that during some of their blizzards, too!  No doubt before the day is over, I’ll be outside with one of my children, taking pictures and observing scenes I hope we don’t get to see again for a long time!


Well, between my new job, photo shoots, online classes, helping out friends, house, family, and dog, I don’t think I’ve done a thing with my genealogy in the last month.         I’m really disappointed that I have let the two book projects sit for so long when one of them at least should have been published a year ago!  Let’s see if we can’t do something about that, shall we? (nudge to self!)


Also, I’m going to take some time to do more “cyber–housekeeping” which has really been wonderfully helpful to the website.   I started this morning with some new photos and documents added to “The Research Room”.  Since the information arrived last summer, I have added bookcases and filing cabinets to the room and really made it a very nice place to sit and work on those documents or read those files.  Click here to visit “The Research Room”!  The document I chose to start with deals with the some of the earliest Casto records in America!

Feb. 2, 2008

Have you ever surprised yourself?  Really said, WOW, lookie what I did??  Well, I just had one of those moments.    As I have been telling anyone who cared to read these pages for the past several months, I, with the help of my wonderful and supportive husband, have been working on the website to move the files to another server.  Not exciting genealogy stuff, to be sure, but significant in the amount of files I can share with you.  I had also mentioned that I was going to be doing some “cyber housecleaning” and seeing exactly what I’ve got on here.  In the process, I discovered that my little search engine was not “crawling” all of the pages and that some of the sections (Casto births, for example) were showing the first page instead of the linked ones that followed.  To make a long story short, my website went from searching through 211 pages this morning to almost 600!!!!  I came up with 19 errors that still need to be addressed but I’m obviously making progress!

January 24, 2008

Welcome to another year of pushing forward to learn as much as we can about our Casto ancestors and help each other at the same time!


Tonight I’ll be making the long-awaiting change-over to a new server so I will have all the capacity I need to upload files and info.   As I’m uploading all the files again (250+ pages of info in here, NOT including the database!), I’ll probably to some “virtual housecleaning”.  I’ve got sections I haven’t looked at in years, files I am constantly receiving requests for, and I want to really add info to states other than West Virginia.  I occasionally get really nasty emails from people who say I don’t have enough on their lines.  


In the spirit of adding new, requested material, I am adding two more pieces of information this week.


First, 50 years ago on January 10, 1958, my great-grandfather, Isadore C. Casto, wrote an article about the history of the Casto family.  I have written an updated version that was SUPPOSED to be published in the same newspaper, The Jackson Herald, but after agreeing last summer to print the article, they never responded when I sent it to them.  If anyone knows of another publication that would be interested, please let me know.  For now, I’ll publish it here!


Next, I promised one of my closest Casto researcher cousins that I would finally publish the results of my research of a certain country singer’s Casto ancestry.  You may find that piece of research right here!


My book projects seem to be running neck-and-neck and will probably be published around the same time as each other.  For you newcomers, one is the works of James Casto and David Leroy Casto, both deceased, who had a manuscript ready for publication.  The second one is my own efforts to publish the lines of any of the researchers who are working on their Casto family trees so you will be able to see who is actively researching the same line.  It’s taking longer than expected but will be well worth it.


I must be doing something right—I received 5 requests for assistance in one day last week!  I have the groundwork in place for the Casto Family Association to help with these types of requests so that will also be an upcoming project. 

October 7 Update:

It’s hard to believe we are in the 10th month of  the year!  How time does fly!  Well, after having difficulties with uploading my database, I am trying a new software and have uploaded a test version here.  By switching to a new software, I will be able to move forward on another one of our goals of 2007—publishing a book (or two).  This one has some very nice features that I will be exploring in the next couple of weeks.  One of the things I’ve noticed about this software is how glaringly obvious it is when I don’t have death dates.  It lists everyone as “living” and blocks a lot of names and info.  So, I’m going to be fixing this data as time permits.  I’m also going to be reworking my sources because after all these years, they’ve gotten pretty “muddied” and confusing as I’ve updated and transferred programs, etc.


For those of you who are unaware of what’s happening in “Danita-ville”, I’ve started a new job and that’s eating up a lot more of my time than my free-lance photography did.  So, I’m moving slower on some projects but earning money which helps me in my research by allowing me to buy new software, filing supplies for the shipment from this summer, subscriptions to websites such as Ancestry and Footnote, etc. 


PS:  Website Housekeeping Notes:  I’m going to disable the Photo Album and Downloads sections while I reorganize them to be more efficient and take up less server room!

August 26 Update:

I am moving forward with making the material that recently arrived available to as many people as possible.  I think it should be published as a series of volumes called “The Combined Casto Collection of David Leroy Casto and James H. Casto”.  Volume I will be the material I found called “The Descendents of David Casto & Phoebe Gandy”.  I am planning this first volume to be available in 3 formats: a regular book, an electronic book (searchable on your computer), and a gedcom and/or Family Tree Maker file.  This project should be completed by the end of the year.  The hardest part right now is indexing the whole volume (around 500 pages I believe). 


My second major project is moving forward with the plans for the Casto Family Association.  I think we should start with the following positions to be filled:


Association President:  Are you a team player and love to help out?  This might be something for you!  Duties will include coordinating the other officers and assisting in the formation and establishment of the Association.


Membership Chairperson:  How many Casto researchers do you know?  Are you organized?  We need someone to establish a membership database, answer questions from members or prospective members about the Association, and work on misc. duties related to membership.


Family Announcements Chairperson:  Have you always wanted to be a reporter?  Now’s your chance!  We need someone who would work with the Membership Chairperson and the Webmaster to set up a secure (requiring log in) part of the website where either Association Members can post recent news (birth, graduation, marriage, death) or you can write about an event surrounding one of our members. 


Treasurer:  Are you a detail-oriented person.  We need someone to establish what our dues should be, what they should be used for, and then actually take care of collecting, depositing, allocating, and reporting on the funds. 


Genealogist: OK, since we’re all researchers this one should be easy!  Who wants to be the  contact person for Association members or prospective members to ask questions about the various family lines.  You would, of course, have access to all the database material the Association has and be able to ask for help from any of it’s members.


Web Master:  Are you a techno geek?  Should we create a website separate from Casto Connections for the Family Association?  We could have, for example.  This also were be something dues could be spent on.  Or the Casto Family Association can continue as a off-shoot of Casto Connections.


Genealogist Emeritus: I would like to honor those researchers who have done so much for our family history research and am nominating Ina Tuft to be given the title of Casto Family Genealogist Emeritus.  Anyone second my motion????


Well, that should get us started, anyways.  Please write to me ( if you’d like to volunteer or make suggestions.  I’ve never started a family association before so your thoughts and suggestions carry as much weight and consideration as my ideas!


Until Next Time!




PS:  Website Housekeeping Notes:  I’m going to disable the Photo Album and Downloads sections while I reorganize them to be more efficient and take up less server room! 


Also, my Family Origins database file was corrupted and I no longer trust this program.  I will be switching to another program and am researching the best one for uploading data WITHOUT involving ads or links to some other website.  My material is safe, however, and being updated, just not able to upload right now.

July 24, 2007


After almost a month, I’m still organizing and sorting the records from the shipment.  I created the new section of the website, The Research Room, so I can post the latest updates there.  Its very exciting to have so much information lying about and wanting to share it so quickly.  What I am working on at the moment is identifying the files (300+), most of which were either mis-labeled or labeled with numbers that I haven’t found the index to yet.  What I have learned is that rubber bands dry out, hanging folder tags will fall out, paper clips rust, and photos are great when properly identified!  I must thank my family for all their support—my husband, Bruce, doesn’t mind that I took over our dining room just for this project; my son, Alex, has been hauling boxes and filing cabinets around the house; and my daughter, Bonnie, well, she’s got a full-time job this summer and is just staying out of the way!


As for our other projects, one of the books I received is a collection of five-generation charts similar to the project I’m trying to put together on Casto lines and is a handy example to have on hand.  Since I’m so far behind on that project, I’m just going to roll Volumes 1 and 2 into one book, I believe, and see how that works out.


It’s hard to believe that I’m actually getting anything done other than working on the shipment but I’ve updated the Family Remembrance Page recently and written two articles (non-Casto related).   I’m also trying to keep up with all the emails from new researchers who have been visiting our page—BE PATIENT—I’M TRYING!  :) 


June 29, 2007


It’s Here!!!….It’s Here!!!…..It’s Here!!!

Ok, after spending all of an hour with THE SHIPMENT, here’s a real quick glance at what we’ve got:


¨ 4 boxes of hanging folders

¨ 1 box that looks like it’s all map related

¨ 20 full-size 3 ring binders

¨ 13 books or family manuscripts

¨ A Master Plan called “Plan for Getting Dave Casto Collection into Concrete” - 15 pages of detailed notes on how Jim planned to use the material from Dave Casto


Also, I discovered that my nearly-useless Dell printer is finally good for something—it can scan stacks of papers with the paper loader like running them through a copier!  Not a $50,000 Xerox but faster than scanning one page at a time!


I would like to once again thank everyone who was so generous and opened their hearts and wallets to make this happen so quickly!  I would also like to send a big THANK YOU out to Julie Casto for the donation of these materials so her father’s work can be continued!


Enjoy the pictures from today … it’s just the beginning!


June 19, 2007


While preparing for the arrival of our 500 lbs of research, I’ve been working on some other Casto projects and thinking of ways to share the information that will be coming.


First, I’m going to add a new section just for stories that I have learned or that have been sent to me.  For example, I was reading some information the other day about how one branch of the Casto family joined the Mormon Church as it was just being formed.  Another story people frequently ask about is who were the Castos that were killed by Indians in Seattle in 1864.  Since the name “Casto Stories” has been taken, I thought I’d call this section, “Family Stories”.  Not very original but descriptive!


Also watch out for another section—”The Research Room”.  This is where I’ll be posting info about “The Shipment”!


AND work is progressing on the first of the books—don’t worry!

June 6, 2007




In less than 10 days, we have raised enough money to have 500 POUNDS of research sent from Oregon to Ohio!  I cannot thank everyone enough for the generosity and support with this huge project!!  I have received cards and e-mails and my phone has rung daily with help to make this happen. 


So, now what?  Well, when the shipment arrives, I’ll take lots of pictures and post them on here so everyone can see what they just helped with and we’ll take a look at what we’ve got and what will be the best way to make it available to as many people as possible. 


While we’re waiting for it to arrive, I’ll be making space both in my house and on my web server so that I can start with posting some information there.  As many of you already know, I’ve been doing lots of updates to the website and have just about filled it to capacity as it’s been getting worked on anyways so now I’m even more motivated to get it straightened up—quickly!


Until Next Time!



May 28, 2007 Update:



One of our projects for 2007 was to create a Casto Repository of Records.  Well, through a strange coincidence, I have been contacted by Julie Casto, daughter of Jim Casto of Oregon, who passed away several years ago.  At the time of Jim’s death, Julie had hoped to be able to continue his work and finish and publish the Casto material he had been working on.  However, Julie has come to realize that this is a big task for one person alone and she would like to instead donate his work to our Casto Repository of Records so that it may be used and shared by Casto researchers everywhere. 


I told Julie that I would pick up the cost for shipping the materials from Oregon to Ohio and she has just found out that the shipping cost will be about $550!   Ouch!  Apparently, when Julie said her father had a LOT of material, she wasn’t kidding!  I actually considered driving out there myself to pick them up but with gas costs at $3.50 a gallon, it would cost over $600 in gas alone, plus take about 8 days of travel!  Not an option! 


So, I’m calling on all Castos everywhere to help us raise $550 for transporting these materials here to Ohio where I’ve got volunteers ready to scan, document, and organize the material so we can work on making it available to every Casto researcher.  My plan is go get 50-100 researchers to donate $5—$10 apiece so that once, again, by working together, we will have accomplished a great goal!


I am holding this “fund raiser” during the month of June so I can set a definite date for those boxes to be shipped.  My friends, this is one task that really needs everyone to work together—please help if you can!  I’ve created a chart below to show how far we need to go.


More updates to follow!


Danita Smith

4943 Kenwood Drive

Mason, OH 45040


(513) 503-3310


We can take checks, credit cards, or money orders!  Contact me by e-mail or phone if you would like to pay by credit card because that info is not going to be done over the internet!

April 19, 2007 Update:

“They say time changes things, but you have to actually change them yourself.” - Andy Warhol


Did you know that I use my own website when I need to research a Casto?  There are over 200 pages of documents, photos, lists, and resources all on one website.  But I drive myself crazy when I find a bad link!  In my efforts to improve everything in 2007, I have started switching pages around, gotten distracted (drat that job!), started again, gotten distracted again (shoo, kids, I’m busy!), started again, and on and on!  But today I determined I’m going to fix my website so that I can get more research done!  I am actually sitting on some great stuff and since the whole purpose of Casto Connections is to share and contribute, then I’d better make it available to everyone who stops by!  Let me know what you think of the improvements or if you find a bad link or if you have a suggestion for something else that needs to be found here.


¨ I’m going to be contacting a lot of researchers in the near future about the first of the Pedigree Books to be published this year.

¨ Once that is out the door, we’re moving ahead with the Casto Family Association.  I’ve gotten some volunteers to help be on the Board but haven’t had time to finalize anything.

¨ I need pictures of Casto cemeteries and/or headstones from around the country—please help!

April 8, 2007 Update:

I am added another project to my plate, actually not related to Castos.  I’ve volunteered to photography old cemeteries here in Mason, Ohio, and then have them posted on the Warren County Genealogical Society website.  I have been very impressed with their website and how you can see how many documents link to one individual.  I’m going to see if I can’t figure out how they do that so I can make this website easier to use.  I’d also like to explore having one location for Casto cemeteries throughout the United States but will need a lot of help gathering up photos from cemeteries in areas I’ve never visited!


One last note for this week:  We are quickly approaching the May 1, 2007 deadline for publication of the first of my Casto Pedigree books.  If you have not submitted your info yet, or don’t know how, give me a shout and we’ll get you all fixed up!  I’m very excited about this project and would like to include as many researchers as possible so you will have another tool at your fingertips to help with your Casto research!

March 25, 2007 Update:

Well, here I am again!  It’s been several weeks since my last update but much as been accomplished!  Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been helping 3 or 4 Casto researchers each week find their Casto ancestors and sometimes, even connecting them with other researchers from the same line.  That is always thrilling for me!  I have also had the business month EVER since I’ve started my own businesses creating on-line virtual tours and memory DVDs.  I have also FINALLY built my “library” so I can store all my research materials, letters, books, etc., in one place instead of kept in boxes all over the basement like they’ve been since our last move two years ago!  The chat session on the 3rd was also a huge hit and I’ve scheduled the next one for Wednesday, March 28th, from 7-9 pm Eastern Standard Time.  So, I’ve had a VERY productive month and I hope you have had the same.


My database has grown from 7027 to 8275 this month with my last research efforts and I will be uploading this new gedcom tonight.  It has grown so large it ties up my computer for several hours so I try to do that when I don’t need the computer.


One last note for this week:  We are quickly approaching the May 1, 2007 deadline for publication of the first of my Casto Pedigree books.  If you have not submitted your info yet, or don’t know how, give me a shout and we’ll get you all fixed up!  I’m very excited about this project and would like to include as many researchers as possible so you will have another tool at your fingertips to help with your Casto research!

March 3, 2007 Update:

If one more person writes to me and says they are descended from Azariah Casto who came to America in 1696, I’m going to smack their e-mail!  I challenge ANYONE to show some solid documentation that there was an Azariah Casto in America before William 1717’s son was born in 1750—I dare you!  On my office wall is the ORIGINAL (not Xerox copy) of the newspaper article published in 1958 that first made that claim.  I know where the information came from originally and how it ended up being published.  Your parents or grandparents have heard that story, repeated it, written it down, because they believed it to be true!  It’s been so long ago most people don’t even remember where they first heard it, any more than they do the Captain Kidd story.  It’s just been handed down.  Well, I have traced this rumor and can tell you for CERTAIN that it was an error and by the time the research bore that out, the author of the newspaper article had passed away and no one ever corrected it.  My plans include writing a new article on the 50th anniversary of the original one, updating the information and including what sources and documentation are available.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE THE INFORMATION CAME FROM , HAVE NO VALID SOURCES OTHER THAN THE  INTERNET, PLEASE DON’T CLAIM IT AS THE TRUTH!  I’m saying that for the benefit of you and your descendents, not me.  Genealogy is a hobby and it’s a lot of fun but there is a lot of bull out there associated with it and I’d hate to see some who is serious about their ancestry fall for it.


Stepping off my soapbox now and going back to my research.    Please see the note above about Saturday, March 10, 2007!


February 27, 2007 Update:

A WOW discovery!


For folks who research West Virginia records, this is truly amazing!  The West Virginia Division of Culture & History has a searchable database of birth, marriage, and death records from many counties and many years.  I counted 55 counties involved in the death records, specifically leading to 562 Casto death records—see ACTUAL certificate image below.  I also found 81 Casto marriages and 48 Casto births. Most of the county death records are from the 20th century but some date back to the mid-1800’s. There are only 6 counties so far with birth records but those are from the 1850’s as well.  They also have 6 counties with marriage records but some of those date back to the 1700’s!  I don’t know how I missed the development of this incredible on-line source but you can guess where I’ll be spending a lot of my cyber-time in the coming weeks!  It also appears they’ll be continuously updating their data so you’ll have to check back often.  Here is the link:


     In other Casto Connections news, I have been testing the chat room and have had a couple of great “conversations” with folks who dropped by.  The one thing I don’t like it the pop-ups it tries to let happen for it’s advertisers so I’ll be seeing what I can do about that.  But it’s very useful to “talk” with other people, which is what I’m aiming for.


     Getting rave reviews on the new “look” of the site and will be continuing to fix the links in such as I work on it this week.  Couldn’t find my own cemetery link—oops!  I had three members from the same family all contact me recently, not knowing what the other had done—their ancestors must really want some attention paid to them! 

















February 18, 2007 Update:

Weekly updates take up a lot of room so what I am going to do is archive earlier updates as I create new ones.  If you notice the new buttons on the side, the second one from the top is “Blog Archive”.  That is where you will find out what I’ve changed since your last visit!


I will be re-designing and streamlining a lot of the pages since the website has gotten so large and some of the pages haven’t been updated in years.  Please be patient…


Exciting News:  I am testing a live, on-line chat room to see if it is a viable option for our family association board members to attend an on-line meeting.  I will have it running all week so if you visit this web site, please pop in and help me test it!

February 11, 2007 Update:

First, next week this page gets redesigned because the blog is taking up too much room.

Second, does anyone know who VINCENT CASTO is?  He lived in Greene Co., PA in 1810 and Greene Co., OH in 1820?

Third, I’m going to be contacting the volunteers soon who said they would like to be on the Family Association board and get that project moving ahead.

February 4, 2007 Update:

Sorry about the break in updates there—yours truly came down with the flu and just spent a couple weeks getting better.  Of course, while I was sick, lots of things kept happening and now I’ve got two items I’d like to report on.  First, I’m sad to announce the passing of Mary Ruth Craighead Casto, wife of David Leroy Casto, on January 14, 2007.   I have included more information about this below.  Secondly, I would like to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  One of our objectives from above, the release of the Casto DNA project results, is now available.  I believe this to be an incredibly monumental step forward in Casto family research and wish to thank the people who spearheared this important work—Walter Casto, descendent of William Casto (1717-1778) and David Casto, descendent of John George Casto(e) (1805-1903).  Please click here to learn more!

January 14, 2007 Update:

First, I would like to base our Casto Family Association on another successful family association—The Foote Family Association of America.  Their site is at if you’re interested in what I’ve envisioned for us.  One of the things I’d like to do differently, however, is keep everything FREE and done electronically so we do not have to publish and mail a newsletter every quarter unless we want to do it by e-mail.  I’d also like to keep things simple in terms of number of officers so we don’t have first vice presidents and second vice presidents, etc.  I’ve never started a family association before so any thoughts you’d care to share would be greatly appreciated.


Second, I have added several names to the Family Remembrance Page.  This actually has NOTHING to do with Castos and everything to do with just saying, “I miss this person terribly”.  I lost my brother, Sam, in 2004 and needed to do something and that’s what I came up with.  Please feel free to remember someone special in your life—just drop me a line.


Lastly, along with everything else I’ve been up to, I’ve received numerous e-mails from people looking for help with their lines.  I’ve helped several this week, updated my database, and uploaded a new version here.  My list of Orville Castos, for example, went from 2 to over 10!  And if anyone is wondering WHY I don’t link a copy of my gedcom with my database, it is because there are so many people who would just incorporate it into their own and upload it to, for example, where any errors might not be corrected and be left out there forever!  This way, I have some control over my own work!


Well, enough for one week!  Keep those pedigree charts and e-mails coming!  Talk to you next Sunday!

January 7, 2007 Update:

OK, it’s been 10 days since my initial e-mail went out and I’m very pleased with the responses so far.  I have had input from several researchers and here are some of the wonderful suggestions:


Have the Casto Repository available in several locations throughout the U.S. as well as in some type of electronic format, like CDs.  Seems some people think genealogy research generates a lot of paper!  <big grin>  Sure, why not??


In generating interest in Casto research, I have been asked specifically more about any upcoming reunions for 2007 and more focus on Casto lines from New Jersey.  These could be assignments, for example, for someone on our new Family Association Committee.


Just so you know, also—when sending out e-mails to over 100 people, I have to split the list into separate groups in order for my e-mail server to send them.  Therefore, when you “REPLY TO ALL”, you’re not actually getting everyone, although I do appreciate the enthusiasm.  If anyone has a better idea than weekly updates here on the website to let 150 people (not all of which give a care) know what is going on, please let me know.  Basically, this will turn into a blog, which I think I’ve been doing for the past 10 years, just not keeping all the previous thoughts in one place.


I think we need to come up with a specific goal or purpose for our Family Association Committee, as well as specific tasks for our board members.  Any suggestions there?


Keep those e-mails coming!