Transcribed Bible Pages
of William Casto (1717-1778)

The copy of the bible pages which I have has this typed note at the bottom:  "The original bible is now owned by David Casto, of Redwood City, Calif.  It was handed down from Thomas Johnson Casto (son of Firmon) to his step-son John Wheaton Wiltsie (son of Ida Susie Wheaton by her first husband, General Lewis Wiltsie).  Young John took the name Casto after his mother's marriage to Thomas.  Late in life, in 1940, John married Lura Morgonson, a widow with two sons; he died in 1950.  Lura, living temporarily in Long Beach, Calif., in 1950, was contacted by David when he noticed her name (Casto) in the phone book; she offered him the bible to make it available to those of more direct Casto lineage.

The bible contains these names:

William Casto, his Bible

William Casto was born March ye 10th 1717
Sarah Casto was born Apriel ye 18th 1736
John Casto was born September ye 24th 1759
Andrew Casto was born January ye 14th 1761
David Casto was born May ye 16th 1762
Jonathan Casto was born May ye 23 1764
Jeremiah Casto was born July ye 3 1767
William Casto was born July ye 9th 1769
Jacob Casto was born February 1th 1772
Thomas Casto was born March 25 1776
Abijah Casto was born May 23 1777

Ann Casto was born October
Druzilla Casto Daughter of Firmon and Emilia Casto died August 22 1834
William Casto Died January 6th 1835
James Madison Casto Died September 18th 1835
Aquilla Casto deceased February 13th 1832
Saybreath Caroline Casto deceased Monday 7 PM Nov 26 1849

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Elizabeth Casto Daughter of William and Purthenia Casto was Born December ye 9th 1746
Abel Casto was Born July ye 24th 1748
Azariah Casto was Born May ye first 1750
Lidea Casto was Born August ye 29th 1751

Purthenia Casto Departed this Life January ye 6th 1752
Thomas Casto Was Married to Nancy Heritage November  the 11 Day 1800
Thomas Casto his Bible Give to him by his father

Nancy Heritage was born October 23, 1780
Abijah Casto was born August the 31st Day 1801
Abijah Casto died January the 24 Day 1803
William Casto was born March 9th 1794 (son of John Casto)

In Fairfield Township Cumberland County West, New
     Jersey 7 Miles From Cohansey bridge
     Wrote in Maysville Mason County Kentucky February 26th 1816
Firmon Casto was born March first 1805
Emilia Casto was born August 15th 1810

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Firmon Casto was married to Emilia Cast October 7 AD
    one thousand eight hundred and twenty four
Jonathan Casto Son of Firmon and Emilia Casto was
  born Friday January 27th 1827
Married Ida Susie Wheaton (Wiltsie) in 1884
Johnson Casto was born Saturday May 3d 1828
Thomas - stepfather of John Wheaton (Wiltsie) Casto
William Casto was born Tuesday June 15th 1830
Aquilla Casto was born February 13th Wednesday 1832
Druzilla Casto was born March 18th 1833
James Madison Casto was born Wednesday April 15th 1835
Nancy Jane Casto was born Tuesday Sept 21st 1836
Francis Marion Casto was born Decr 19th 1838 on  Wednesday
George Washington Casto was born Decr 19th 1838 on  Wednesday
Mary Elizabeth Casto was born Wednesday March 10th 1841
Sarah Ellenor Casto was born Monday June 14th 1842
Hannah Ann Casto was born Monday March 11th 1845
Saybreath Caroline Casto was born Sabbath March 7th 1847
Cynthie Julia Emilia Casto born September 20 1849