September 13, 2000

Dear Fellow Casto Researchers,

In my recent attempts to update my web page, I have made many additions and changes.  When I added the search engine, I found it could not "see" the information which I had put into tables, including all the census and cemetery material.  I've been reworking the census pages, which basically means I'm retyping them.  But for the cemetery list, I'm doing something different.

One of our fellow Casto researchers, Debi Sanders, has a wonderfully informative and creative web site of her own, with as much Casto information on it as this one does but of a different nature.  The one area where we "overlap" is in the cemeteries.  I checked name for name and she has all the same Castos that I have and then some.  And her page is already formatted so if you use "Control + F", you can search for whomever. She doesn't have the "allied" families that I do so I'm keeping that in mind for a future update.  But for the present I am asking all who visit her to visit Debi's page instead.

I don't usually tell people to go somewhere else but I feel that as a Casto researcher, you may benefit from visiting her page and seeing what she has to offer.  I also feel that our quest for knowledge on our ancestors will be best served by us all working together and sharing what information we have with each other.  And the last benefit is that this will free up more web space on my side so I can add other Casto information.

If you have any comments or concerns, you may contact Debi or myself.

Danita Smith
Debi Sanders

Debi Sanders Page:

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