Our regular census files

We have researched and pulled together the pages from the Jackson County, West Virginia census for the Casto family from the years 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900.   This seems to be one area of the web page where something usually goes wrong so if you find a page not loading properly or missing, please let me know!  Thanks!

Updated Feb. 18, 2005

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1840 Jackson Co., VA (entire county)   4 pgs

1850 Jackson Co., VA (Castos)  3 pgs

1860 Jackson Co., VA (Castos)  5 pgs

1870 Jackson Co., WV (Castos) 7 pgs

1880 Jackson Co., WV (Castos) 10 pgs

1900 Jackson Co., WV (Castos)

1840 pdf file

1850 pdf file

1860 pdf file

1870 pdf file

1880 pdf file

1900 pdf file

1850 Lewis Co., VA (Castos)

1850 Mason Co., VA (Castos)

1850 Northumberland Co., VA (Castos)

1900 Upshur Co., WV Census Index (Castos)

1910 Upshur Co., WV Census Index (Castos)

1910 Ohio Census (Castos)  iss17

1910 Jackson Co., WV Census Index (Castos)  iss18

1900 & 1920 Arkansas Census (Castos)  iss18