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As with most of the census records, this census also had some entries that were difficult to read and some areas were too light to see at all. I have tried to stay as true to the record as possible but sometimes had to rely on other records for the needed information. If known, the maiden names of the wives are listed in parenthesis and other pertinent information may be added for some individuals and families.   If you have any questions concerning these records, please feel free to e-mail me!



1870 Jackson County, West Virginia Census

(Casto Families)

Page 1

Casto, Abraham


Casto, Benjamin F.

Page 2

Casto, Benjamin


Casto, David L.

Page 3

Casto, Earl


Casto, George

Page 4

Casto, George M.


Casto, Jacob

Page 5

Casto, Jacob


Casto, John R.

Page 6

Casto, Joseph


Casto, Nicholas

Page 7

Casto, Nicholas L.


Casto, William