I have been researching the two Casto brothers that died at Pearl Harbor for many years.  It seems like every December 7th, I receive another email from someone who is interested in them and their shipmates from that fateful day in history.  But few had time to marry and start families of their own and risk just being forgotten uncles in the family tree.

I was disheartened to discover that the lists of casualties did not always list who their closest kin were nor when and where they were born.  Since I had known about the Casto brothers from World War II, I started my research there.  I want these young men to be more than just names and dates on a webpage. 

To learn more about the USS Oklahoma, please visit http://www.castoconnections.com/USS%20Oklahoma/

Rear Admiral  Roy James Casto (retired) saluting  the markers of Charles and Ray Casto at the Oklahoma Memorial on Ford Island/Pearl Harbor in 2016.