Clyde R. Casto was listed on the U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945, on but difficult to find anywhere else.† There were 17 Clyde Castos on the 1930 census but without knowing his age or home state, it was difficult to determine which one was him.† Looking through other military records, I found enlistment records for 10 men.† If I went by that middle initial, R, then he could be Clyde R. Casto who was born in 1927 in Texas, lived in San Diego, California, and enlisted on Nov. 14, 1945 in Mississippi.† Or it could be Clyde R. Casto, born in 1943 (obviously a typo) and enlisted on Dec. 19, 1939 at Gardner Field in Taft, California.† Or maybe he was Ralph Clyde Casto, born in 1895 in Upshur Co., WV, and enlisted April 27, 1942.† The one piece of information I did have was his service number: 1447050 and he was a Master Sergeant in the Army.† It didnít help when people would attach their family trees to a record like this death record only to see one person had him married to a Nancy Easterling and die in 1966 and another person had him married to the same woman and die in 1944!† The best I am going to be able to do is sort through all the CLYDE CASTOs and see when each one was born and who I canít find death dates for.† I am leaning towards the theory that he was the same man who enlisted in California and was married to Nancy Easterling.† I found the obit for a Clyde R. Casto Jr. which listed him as a Master Sergeant just like his father, who was married to Nancy Easterling.