Latest Revision - January, 2005

Table of Contents
Page 2:  Isadore Casto Family Photos; Jonathan Casto and Rhoda Sullivan
Page 3:  Will Staats Family Photo 
Page 4:  Family Group Sheet for Isadore Casto Family
Pages 5 & 6:  Family Group Sheet for Jacob Casto Family
Page 7:  Casto Cemetery, Fairplain, WV
Page 8:  Casto Ancestors of Jim Casto of Forest Grove,OR, including Joseph Scinton Casto
Page 9:  Grown Children of Abram G. & Rebecca (Crites) Casto
Page 10:  Northfield, NJ Jacob Casto House
Page 11:  Ananias & Mary Jane (Suddarth) Casto
Page 12:  Children of Charles Walter & Carrie (Aagard) Casto
Page 13:  Sig. Louis Casto of the Montezume Plantation Co.
Page 14:  WWII Address Book of William D. Casto
Page 15:  Family Group Photo of John Edward Casto & Renna Mae Molze (1953)
Page 16:  Casto Family Reunion Photos
Page 17:  David D. Casto & Rachel Boice
Page 18:  Movie Actress Jean Casto; Hoyt Casto; Clyde Casto
Page 19:  Lula & Nan Baker; Molly (Stout) and Franklin Pierce Baker
Page 20:  George & Elizabeth (Casto) Crane; son Joseph Crane; Joseph & Lula (Baker) Crane
Page 21:  Group photo including Herb Casto, son of Len Casto, brother of Elizabeth
Page 22:  Patriotic Castos
Page 23:  Mr. & Mrs. Mason Casto and information
Page 24:  Basil Casto
Page 25:  Need help with this photo!
Page 26:  Jividen Family; Oscar Barnett Family information
Page 27:  Ulysses Casto family; William H Parsons and wife, Mary Margaret Shumaker
Page 28:  Captain Mark Casto

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