Shortly before Jim Casto of Forest Grove, Oregon passed away, he sent me these pictures taken during his vacation to New Jersey of the Jacob Casto House in Northfield, NJ.  This Jacob Casto was (I believe) the son of William Casto (1717-1778) and his second wife, Sarah.  If anyone has more information about this house or the Northfield, NJ Museum, I'd love to hear more!

View from the parking area.  The ladder is leaning up against the old part and the new "connection" being constructed can be seen at the right of the picture above the pickup.

A side view.  The low building to the left is the museum itself.

A view of the side and rear of the house.  The low part of a roof visible to the right is the museum roof.

The back of the house and the other side of the house showing more of the "connection" construction.