Thanks for any help you can give me--Unidentified on the women but one on right might be my grandmother Anna Wetzel ...I have many more pictures.
In the picture there is a building and what it says is " feed store flour and " Basil is standing in front. on top of pic --20 assuming 1920 on side
of pic says ???? Day . (same building)
I have another corner pic that is in front of "Farmers feed store flour a" and "very & garage" with a young woman in front . name underneath could be "Dot/Dob/ Dol" dated 1920. and a picture next to it-- is a man standing at a corner of a building and it looks like it might say "Cutra Drug?" door number is 16. dated 1919. Name is Archie G????   Some names in the photo album and spellings might be off as they are hard to read....I Wonder what the relationship to my grandmother these people were. Maybe school friends?  Cousins???

1.Bud and Jerald-1919
2.Paul vs Grace Mastros Parkersville, WVa, Neglect Aug 1927/ Paul Mastros filed a not responsible for debt on Aug 22,1927
3. Ralph Gilmore
4. Paul Haines
5. Mr Dunfee
6. Miss Mary Martin
7. Rachel Carney
8, Kathline Carney
9. Mrs Rouse
10.Roy & Ted?
11.Mary C
12 Myrtle-gone but not forgotten
13.Picture of 5 boys in teens -"-Ravenswood Pride"
13 Marquite M
14.Thomas W ( possibly Thomas Wetzel)
15. Louise Roush
16. Helen
17. Maggie ( possibly Maggie S Sheperdson, wife of Thomas Wetzel)
18 Lina Castro
19 Mike Mitchell
20 Bud & Gerald-1919
21 Dot/Dob/Dol? in front of Farmers feed Store-1920
22 Archie G? 1917
23 Basil Castro/Crito? in front of Farmers Feed Store -1920
24 Mary C -1919
A lot of pictures dated around 1919-1923 with vehicles.

There is a story about C.H.Wetzels beautiful home with gardens and imported gold fish from Japan ( my grandmothers 1/2 brother, I am guessing)and an article about the opening of the new Jackson Building and Loan in Ravenswood (?)  Would like to find a researcher to any of the names. My line is with the Wetzel/Roush family. I was hoping that one of the list names might be able to help me idenitify some pictures from my grandmother Anna Bell Wetzel's album and how they relate to her parents- Mary (Molly) E Roush Wetzel b/1852 and John H Wetzel, Jr b/1854 in Ravenswood, Jackson Co. Or grandparents Daniel b/1821 and Lydia Staats Roush b/1826.

Hopefully some day I can find the connections...
Thanks again for any help