April 17, 2002

Hello!  íHola!   Bonjour! Ciao!   Oi!   Hei!

I will be the first person to admit that I know absolutely nothing about Castos in any other country except the United States.  However, on occasion, I receive e-mails from Castos in other countries who are curious about us.  As I run across information about Castos in other countries, I'll put that information here.  At this point in time, we still do not know the country of origin that the Castos came from in the late 1600's but we haven't stopped looking!

One recent correspondent wrote this about her line:

"As far as I am aware, I have been told that Casto is present in the towns of Racale and Taviano in the province of Lecce in Italy. Southern most region of Italy of Puglia.

My dad and his family are from Racale, Lecce. If you are not familiar with this area - it is located in the heel of the boot on the Gulf of Gallipoli. Actually you may see Gallipoli on a map - which is only 15 kms north of Racale/Taviano.

If you have a National Geographic map of Italy it does show Racale.

Anyway, my dad came to Canada in 1958 to marry my mom who is also from his area.

My grandfather's name is Quintino Cesare Casto and my older brother has been named after him. My grandfather had a brother, Rocco that died in the second world war."