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What is Casto Connections?

     Casto Connections is a newsletter and a website devoted to the genealogical research of the Casto family.   The last issue of the newsletter was published in October, 2003.  This web site contains some items published in the newsletter but most are items unique to this site.

Who Are We?

     The newsletter and web page are published by Danita Smith, a Casto descendent and researcher.  I am also the mother of two wonderful children and wife to one very supportive husband!  Information is frequently donated and shared by other Casto descendents and credit is given where necessary for their support.

How to Order Back Issues:   

     It is now possible to send back issues to your computer as a .pdf file.  If you are unfamiliar with this format, please contact me and I'll help you with this process.  Back issues sent in this manner are FREE.

     I am also working on a CD which will contain the entire collection of 25 issues for the cost of $10.00  This work spans 1997 to 2003 and contains 274 pages of articles and information relating to the Casto family.  The CD also contains a search feature allowing you to search the entire collection for specific names or dates.  Please contact me for more information about the Casto Connections CD.

     The last option are copies of the issues as they originally appeared.  The list below contains what information appeared in each issue.  These issues are available for
$2.50 each.  Contact me at for mailing information.



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